World Languages Department

Courses Offered

French I, II, III, IV, V
Latin I, II, III, IV, V
Spanish I, II, III, IV, V, AP Language & Culture
Spanish For Spanish Speakers I, II
AP Spanish Language and Culture

The World Languages Department is composed of two components: the modern languages of French and Spanish and the classical language of Latin. The French and Spanish component of the department has as its primary purpose to teach students to communicate in the target language and to move them towards proficiency. Students will have the opportunity to develop all four communication skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. The Latin component of the language department has as its primary purpose to teach the students to read Latin and to appreciate the structure and beauty of the language and culture. The entire department encourages students to appreciate and respect cultural diversity and provides students with opportunities to learn about other cultures both in and out of the classroom. Some of these activities include:

  • An annual French exchange program with the Lycée Saint Jean in Limoges, France
  • A semi-annual trip to Barcelona, Spain
  • An annual service trip to the Working Boys Center in Quito, Ecuador
  • A semi-annual trip for Latin students
  • Foreign films and speakers
  • Various ethnic events such as dances, concerts, festivals and plays
  • National, state and local contests and exams


Mr. James Wilkinson, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator &  World Languages Department Chair 
BA in Spanish, Lawrence University
MA in educational leadership, Cardinal Stritch University 
Teaching at DSHA since 2014

Ms. Coleen Ayudan
BA education/German, UW-Madison
MA educational foundations, University of Hawaii-Manoa
Certification in Spanish, Mount Mary College
Ph.D in education, Cardinal Stritch University
Teaching at DSHA since 2006

Ms. Eileen Gleeson
BA in French and psychology, Marquette University
MA in French and education, UW-Madison
Certificat Supérieur, La Sorbonne, Université de Paris
Teaching at DSHA since 1987

Ms. Lindy Knight
BA in classics, Bucknell University
MSEd in secondary Latin, Northwestern University
At DSHA since 2015

Sr. Jose Hurtado Perez
BA in business administration, Escuela Naval Militar (Naval Military Academy)
MA in instructional technology, Cardinal Stritch University
Certification in Spanish, UW-Milwaukee
Certification in computer science, Cardinal Stritch University
Teaching at DSHA since 2011

Mrs. Jennifer McLaughlin
BS in French and international relations, UW-Madison
MA in curriculum and instruction, UW-Milwaukee
Certificat Supéricur, la Sorbonne,Université de Paris
Teaching at DSHA since 2011

Sra. Martha Parks
BS in education with a specialization in bilingual education-Spanish, UW-Milwaukee
Certification in Spanish, Mount Mary College
Co-coordinator of the annual ¡Juntos! service trip to Quito, Ecuador
Teaching at DSHA since 2006

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