Fine Arts - Visual Arts Department

Courses Offered

Digital Imaging
Discovering Art
Graphic Design
Self Expression
Advanced Art

Department Philosophy & Goals

The purpose of the Visual Arts Department is to provide, through a low-risk, success-oriented environment, a series of developmental experiences that encourage and reinforce the processes of critical thinking: observation, perception, imagination, cognition, incubation, action and problem solving.

Designed around the Wisconsin State and National Standards for Arts Education, the Qualities of a DSHA Graduate are also embedded in the curriculum. In addition to critical thinking, students experience the arts as a means for communication, leadership and being a believer. These studio courses include multiple techniques for different learner styles, including: lecture, visuals, group work, oral presentations, demonstrations, art museum visits, and research, which all broaden the way information is processed.

Art is an educational discipline that employs and expands both hemispheres of the brain and in the process addresses the development of the young woman as a whole person. The goal of each specialized course is for the student to develop confidence with skills and techniques in the selected art medium in order to better communicate her young voice.

For more information, contact:
Mrs. Jill Pitterle,
Fine Arts Department Chair


Ms. Caitlin Conlon
BA in K-12 art education, College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota
Teaching at DSHA since 2012

Mrs. Nora Larscheid
BA in K-12 art education, UW-Milwaukee
BA in fine art, UW-Milwaukee
MA in fine arts, New York University
Teaching at DSHA since 1994

Mrs. Jill Reginato Pitterle, DSHA ’72, Fine Arts Department Chair
BA in fine art, St. Norbert College
BA in K-12 art education, St. Norbert College
Teaching at DSHA since 2002

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