Social Studies Department

Courses Offered

Cultures and Civilizations
United States History
Behavioral Science
Accelerated Economics
International Relations
Honors International Relations
International Relations: Focus Africa
International Relations: Focus Asia
Post-WWII History
Gender Studies
AP U.S. Government and Politics
AP U.S. History
AP European History
AP Human Geography
Online Government and Politics (summer)
Latin American Studies

The Social Studies Department endeavors to prepare our students for intelligent participation in society. Throughout the courses offered, the department members try to develop our students’ ability to think for themselves and to increase their understanding of important concepts in history, economics, government, behavioral science and international/global affairs. Above all, the department attempts to cultivate in our students an appreciation for attitudinal differences and the recognition of the dignity and worth of each individual. Goals include:

  • To encourage an appreciation in students for the contributions of outstanding men and women in creating our society, past and present.
  • To provide students with a thorough analysis of the Constitution of the U.S. with special emphasis on the principles of popular sovereignty, federalism, separation of powers, and checks and balances.
  • To investigate and analyze human relationships so as to better understand individual roles in our society.
  • To analyze and interpret the political, social and economic implications of the historical events that have shaped the modern world.
  • To develop the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, presentation of information, collaboration and teamwork.
  • To encourage interest in:
    • Advanced Placement exam to acquire college credit
    • Model U.N. (local & national)


Mrs. Chris Weiss, DS ’70, Department Chair
BA in history, political science and secondary education, Mount Mary College
MA in history, Marquette University
Teaching at DSHA since 1981

Ms. Ami Bonk, DSHA '88
BA in political science, English, Xavier University
Certificate in secondary education, UW-Milwaukee
Teaching at DSHA since 1999

Mr. Patrick Dawson
BA in political science, UW-Madison
MA in history and secondary education, University of Illinois
Teaching at DSHA since 1991

Mrs. Susan Goulee
BA in history, psychology and secondary education, Marquette University
Teaching at DSHA since 1996

Ms. Christine Laemmar
BA in history and international business communication, Mount Mary College
Teaching at DSHA since 2002

Mr. Thomas Montgomery, Jr.
BA in history & secondary education, UW-Oshkosh
Teaching at DSHA since 2009

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