Service & Social Justice

Service Board
The Campus Ministry service Board is located outside of the Campus Ministry office and it is continually updated to offer students a variety of ways to serve the poor and vulnerable of our community.  Students are required to document service hours each semester, and this provides ample opportunities for meaningful service.

Service Team
A student leadership group who meets to plan service opportunities and connect students to local agencies.

5th/15th/25th Collections
Students are invited to come out of uniform on the 5th, 15th and 25th of every month, and are asked to bring a donation for a local agency.

Respect Life Group
The Human Life group promotes a consistent life ethic through opportunities for education, prayer and social action.
Urban Plunge
An overnight service immersion experience focused on homelessness in Milwaukee.

Freshmen Service Day
Because service is such a fundamental element of Catholic Social Teaching, as well as within our Theology curriculum, it is important for students to become involved in the community. Freshman Service Day provides students with a meaningful experience that introduces them to various agencies that they could get more deeply involved with during the rest of their high school career.


Salvatorian Service Requirement

Adopted for the 2016-17 school year 

Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, as indeed you do." (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Service to others is an essential part of the message of Jesus and, thus, our Catholic faith. Students are offered various service opportunities throughout the year to assist them in completing the requirements of graduation. Jesus, in his love and compassion for the poor and the outcast, said what we do to the least among us, we do to Him (Mt. 25:40). We do this with God’s grace through service to others.

One of the qualities of a DSHA graduate is that she is a believer. Our Catholic values are evident in the daily life of our school community and lead our students to a greater awareness of their responsibility to act for justice and serve the needs of others. Therefore, as a service requirement for graduation, each student will create a 4-year service portfolio documenting all service hours. Service performed by freshmen, sophomores and juniors must be with a poor and vulnerable population; a portion of their service requirement may be service to their parish/place of worship and/or to DSHA. Seniors are required to actively participate in all aspects of the Vocare service immersion program during senior year. We encourage all students when working with the poor and vulnerable population to have direct interaction with those being served and to develop meaningful relationships with them.

The Salvatorian Service Requirement is the following:

Freshmen: Attend and actively participate in Freshman Service Day during first semester of freshman year and complete 5 hours of service to the poor and vulnerable during second semester of freshman year. Up to 3 of the 5 hours may be service to one’s parish/place of worship and/or to DSHA.

Sophomores: 16 hours during sophomore year of service to the poor and vulnerable. Up to 6 of the 16 hours may be service to one’s parish/place of worship and/or to DSHA.

Juniors: 20 hours during junior year of service to the poor and vulnerable. Up to 6 hours of the 20 hours may be service to one’s parish/place of worship and/or to DSHA.

Seniors: Attend and actively participate in all aspects of Vocare during senior year. Full participation in all aspects of Vocare is required for graduation.

Students will also be required to attend a service reflection held during their Theology class at the end of each semester; therefore, for sophomores and juniors, at least one meaningful service experience must be completed during first semester.

Students will receive .25 credit at the end of each school year for completing their service requirement. A grade of "Pass" will appear on a student’s transcript and become part of her permanent record for each year that the requirement is completed by the due date. If a student does not complete the annual service requirement by the due date, she will receive a "Fail" grade on her transcript and it will become part of her permanent record. "Pass" does not affect one’s grade point; "Fail" will lower one’s grade point.

Summer service does not count toward the Salvatorian Service Requirement. Summer service (e.g., mission trips) should be submitted to Campus Ministry for inclusion in the student’s service folder and may be included on the senior year Salvatorian Service Award application. Students are always encouraged to participate in and report additional service beyond the required hours.

Service to the Poor and Vulnerable
We are called to serve God in capacities that stretch beyond ourselves and our immediate families. DSHA students are asked to respond to the Gospel mandate by participating in service experiences that allow for her school community, as well as the broader community, to flourish. For this purpose, service to a needy family member, neighbor or friend is supported and encouraged but will not count toward a student’s service requirement. Examples of service that meet the requirement of service to those most vulnerable in society include the following:

  • Volunteering at a meal program that serves those who are economically disadvantaged
  • Working at a homeless shelter
  • Participating in events with those who have special developmental or physical needs (e.g., Easter Seals, Special Olympics, etc.)
  • Spending time with the elderly (who are non-family members) in nursing homes and centers
  • Tutoring in a Catholic urban school or other school that serves those who are economically disadvantaged

We encourage students to have face-to-face interactions with the poor and vulnerable in order to develop meaningful relationships with those being served. In addition, we recommend that, when choosing service opportunities, students move out of their comfort zone so they can grow more deeply as a person and as a contributing member of society.

Service to Your Parish/Place of Worship
An important part of being a member of a worship community is to serve others in that community. As we use our gifts in spiritual ministries, we help others as well as ourselves grow in faith. Through service to our parish/place of worship, we help make it vibrant, strong and faith-filled and develop deeper connections among its members. Examples of service to one’s parish/place of worship include the following:

  • Volunteering as a Mass server, lector, usher or choir member (rehearsals may not be counted towards the requirement)
  • Teaching religious education or a Confirmation class
  • Participating in a church-sponsored meal or clothing program for the poor at your parish/place of worship
  • Assisting with a Girl/Boy Scout troop

Service to DSHA
DSHA is one of the five institutions sponsored by the Sisters of the Divine Savior (SDS). That sponsorship illustrates the important relationship between the SDS religious community and DSHA. It signifies a bond that focuses on mission, stewardship, the dignity of each person and lay leadership within each of the sponsored institutions. The sponsorship also signifies standing with and supporting its institutions.

Collaboration with laypersons has been an integral part of the SDS mission and DSHA, and this partnership continues to be part of its apostolic work. As a ministry supported by the SDS, DSHA students are able to complete some of their required service hours by serving at certain events coordinated by DSHA administration. Examples of service to DSHA include working at the following:

  • Alumnae Weekend
  • Benefit Auction
  • President’s Dinner
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Soles for Souls Catholic Education Walk
  • Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

For questions about service, please contact:

Stephanie Monson
Director of Salvatorian Service

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