Science Department

Courses Offered

Accelerated Biology
Geology and Oceanography
Meteorology and Astronomy
Sustainability and Conservation
Honors Chemistry
Honors Physics
Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology
Independent Science Research Projects
Introduction to Engineering
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics

Department Philosophy & Goals

The Science Department strives to respect each student and recognizes her need for intellectual, spiritual and social development. The Science Department helps each student foster an appreciation of the physical phenomena of the world in which we live as well as an understanding of the biological world, her place in it and her responsibility to it.

An important aspect of science is the scientific way of thinking. This involves approaching problems through an organized, structured process which not only helps solve technical problems, but also produces new ideas and concepts. As a student moves through the science course sequence from freshmen to senior year, she will develop her skills of observation, analysis, collaboration, critical reading and thinking, and technical writing.



Mrs. Cathleen Loehr, Department Chair
BS in secondary education (chemistry major, biology minor), UW-Madison
Certification in chemistry and biology
Teaching at DSHA since 2006

Mr. Scott Fleischmann
BS in biology and chemistry, UW-Milwaukee
MA in teaching, Aurora University
Teaching at DSHA since 1999

Mrs. Jamie Lemminger
BS in biochemistry, UW-Milwaukee
MA in education, Marquette University
Certification in broad field science, biology & chemistry
Teaching at DSHA since 2014

Mr. Andrew Mankowski
BS in atmospheric and oceanic sciences and Portuguese, UW-Madison
MS in teaching science, Portland State University
Certification in broadfield science, earth and space science and physics
Teaching at DSHA since 2011

Mr. John Melis
BA in biology, UW- Eau Claire
MAT in secondary education, University of Louisville
Certification in biology
Teaching at DSHA since 2012

Mrs. Katherine Phillips
BS in biomedical engineering, University of Iowa
Certification in biology and physics
Teaching at DSHA since 2012

Mrs. Stacey Strandberg
BS in biology with an emphasis in cellular/molecular and zoology, UW-Oshkosh
Certification in biology/life science
Teaching at DSHA since 2007

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