Why All Girls

At DSHA, we often say, “All girls makes all the difference.”

But what is the difference? What will spending four years at DSHA -- an all-girls school -- mean for your life?

At DSHA, you benefit from an educational approach that focuses entirely on girls and the ways they learn best. It's an environment that's all about girls and what's best for your life, your fulfillment, your success.

The real difference -- the one that matters to you -- is the experience you'll have every day and who you'll be when you graduate: educated, ready for college, ready to tackle life.

You. can. do. anything.
At DSHA, girls do everything and, because of that, you will learn you can do anything.

The DSHA young woman is a critical thinker. An effective communicator. A believer who knows how to work for what she believes in.

She is a confident, capable, thoughtful leader, ready for the 21st Century.

She is, quite frankly, an amazing woman.

It all starts the day you walk in these doors.

Relax. And be you.

DSHA embraces everything that makes you you. There’s an important comfort level that lets you relax and be yourself. You make your own decisions about what you like, what you're good at, how to challenge yourself, and how to excel.

You’ll see the all-girls difference in the focus on learning. Here, attention isn’t diverted, and class time isn’t disrupted. Teachers and students interact with one another as adults, enthusiastically committed to education.

Teachers’ sole focus is on girls -- you -- the way you learn, what you need, how you work best. Our faculty and staff are leaders in the teaching, interaction and guidance that prove most effective for girls.

In and out of the classroom, you're surrounded by opportunities to lead and to shine -- and there's literally nothing you can’t do. Because at DSHA, where girls are everything, you are the president of the club, the athletic star, the retreat leader -- you and your fellow students are the whole team.

And at DSHA, every student supports her DSHA sisters, because in her fellow classmates and in their every effort, she recognizes herself.

An amazing, empowering sisterhood

What happens when girls thrive together – what we see every day – is nothing less than a sisterhood.

The strong, confident, capable, amazing young women who emerge upon graduation are the direct result of the four years of self-focus and outward-focus you spend here together.

The DSHA graduate has learned to challenge herself, speak up, realize her potential, and lead her peers. 

A positive, empowered world view is her hallmark.

All girls really does make all the difference.

And because it does, you -- the DSHA young woman -- can do the same.

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