What DSHA Means To Me

Every year, our graduating seniors are asked what was most meaningful to them about their four years at DSHA.
Here are some of their answers.

"DSHA is a home away from home.  I love how I am embraced for who I am, not who others want me to be." Katelynn, DSHA '16

"DSHA is an extension of my family–a welcoming and happy place to be." Emma, DSHA '15

"I have never had so much fun or loved going to school so much." Sarah, DSHA '16

"DSHA is the place I have come to know as my family and my life. I am proud to say that I go to DSHA." Olivia, DSHA '15

"Whether you love to be a leader, act, sing, play sports, paint or challenge yourself...if you want to try something new entirely, people encourage you to do so." Abby, DSHA '15

"I love DSHA because of the service requirement that brings us closer to our communities. DSHA helps me grow as a person." Lupe, DSHA '15

"I know that my teachers at DSHA want me to succeed, and because of this, I want to do even better than my best." Sarah, DSHA '16

"DSHA provides girls with endless opportunities to develop their skills, preparing them for college from the first day of school." Teresa, DSHA '15

"Everyone at DSHA wants you to do well and enjoy your time here." Colleen, DSHA '14

"DSHA is a fun, safe learning environment." Beth, DSHA '15

"DSHA prepares young women for success." Nana, DSHA '14


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