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"Whole Person Education is the most comprehensive approach to education being practiced by education professionals today. This approach merges the most progressive medical, behavioral, and educational research about learning and connects this research to methodology in our classrooms, on our playing fields and in our service. At DSHA we go one step further, by researching, identifying and then deliberately applying how adolescent girls learn and thrive in an educational environment, opening far-reaching possibilities for personal and professional growth for every girl. At DSHA, a whole person education framework commits all of us to the most rigorous and extensive development of a student focused on her whole being: intellectual, spiritual, physical, social and emotional. Indeed, we are educating by “lighting a fire…not by filling a pail.”

Heather Moran Mansfield, Ph.D., DSHA Academic Dean [Adapted from William Butler Yeats, Nobel Laureate (1865-1939).]

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