School Profile 2016-2017

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Type: College Preparatory school for young women
Grades: 9-12
Average Class Size: 24

Enrollment: 694 young women (174 Seniors)

  • Our students are from 116 parochial, private and public schools
  • 26% are young women of color
  • 15% are non-Catholic students

Faculty:  55 faculty members

  • 82% have or are working toward master’s degrees
  • 13:1 student/teacher ratio
  • 174:1 student/counselor ratio

President: Ellen S. Bartel
Principal: Dan R. Quesnell
Director of Student Services/Guidance: Patrick McAndrew
Director of College Advising: Jim Stamatakos 
School Counselors: Virginia Dubinski, Jacquelyn Krawczyk, David Lynch 
The CEEB/ACT Code Number: 501-350
Accrediting Organization: North Central Association

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