Mission, Vision & Qualities of a DSHA Graduate

Mission Statement

Divine Savior Holy Angels High School is a Catholic college preparatory high school for young women that excels at developing the whole person. Sponsored by the Sisters of the Divine Savior and grounded in their mission to make known the goodness and kindness of Jesus Christ, we develop our students into capable young women of faith, heart and intellect who accept the gospel call to live lives that will make a difference.

Vision Statement

DSHA will be #1: recognized as the premier choice for a girl seeking to grow into her full potential as a woman of faith, heart and intellect.

Statement Of Principles

As a Catholic high school, DSHA is grounded in the beliefs and celebrates the traditions of the Catholic Church while fostering faith development in students, faculty, and staff.

As a college preparatory high school, DSHA provides exemplary academic and co-curricular opportunities which help students realize their true potential and inspires a passion for life-long learning, rooted in courage, innovation and integrity. 

As a high school for young women, DSHA cultivates confident leaders who employ their gifts in the service of others, who positively impact their communities and the world, and who are sought after as creative problem-solvers and engaged collaborators.

Qualities of a DSHA Graduate

The Qualities of a DSHA Graduate find their foundation in the mission of DSHA. Driven by the basic beliefs and values inherent in the mission of DSHA, it is by design that the educational experience of a DSHA student promotes her development as a confident and capable woman with the following qualities:

She is a Believer, grounded in Catholic Christian values which encourage her to act on God’s call to a life of justice, service and integrity. Committed to living her faith, she recognizes the loving presence of God in all peoples and in all places.

She is a Critical Thinker, who applies problem-solving skills, good decision-making and creativity, focusing on quality processes, enlightened perspectives and life-long learning. She is an adaptable, analytical, curious intellectual who accesses credible information in her quest to understand, synthesize and innovate.

She is a Communicator, who is articulate, perceptive and responsive to others. She is highly skilled at interpersonal communication, effectively exchanging ideas through written, verbal and non-verbal means. She uses evolving technology and is an active and reflective listener who adapts her message to reach various audiences.

She is a Leader, who takes initiative, is self-directed and leads by positive influence. She is a collaborator who motivates and empowers others to develop their potential. She models a life of faith, life-long learning and wellness, and is accountable to and respectful of the viewpoints of others and other cultures.

DSHA’s Catholic, Salvatorian foundation, prayer and worship experiences, commitment to service, academic program and co-curricular opportunities provide a young woman with high standards, tools and choices that empower her to develop the Qualities of the DSHA Graduate.

                                                                                                                                                          Revised July 2011

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